What is Flaccid-Rock.com?

At Flaccid-Rock.com music lovers will be able to explore new artists/bands and music, and bands will be able to share their music with an entirely new audience. The experience will be communal and collaborative. Each song will have its own discussion thread that will be about that song and nothing else. We are creating this site because we are tired of the same old flaccid shit being forced upon us by Big Industry, and we want something new, but unless you have an exceptional amount of free time, it is getting harder and harder to find new music, unless a friend recommends it.

Every Song will have it’s own listing followed by it’s own comments/discussion area where music lovers and artists can discuss each song from what they like to what they don’t like. It will be a true collaboration that will open artists to new fans and music lovers to new music.

For Music Lovers

Music lovers can explore different artists/bands and find new music. From there, they can listen to new songs and enter a discussion about it with other people who have heard the song too, or maybe even the artist. There is a whole world of music out there and you can find it here. We are currently receiving submissions from Artists and will update and fully launch the site shortly.

For Artists/Bands

Artists and bands can submit songs to new audiences that are not necessarily driven by their current friends or followers. New people will be hearing your music and finding your band. They will be talking about the song and you can join the discussion or use it to see what people are looking for. So submit your music here and get in the conversation.
Flaccid-Rock.com is proud to be friends with MusicGorilla.com. Music Gorilla showcases artists from all over the globe and helps them get their songs heard and licensed by key players in the television, film, advertising, web, and gaming industries. We find and create opportunities and get them in your hands. We believe that your success begins with opportunity. www.musicgorilla.com
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